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Our principle is simple.

Teach classes we would want to train in.


We respect the traditional formats of Kihon (Fundamental technique), Kata (Set Pattern) and Kumite (Sparring) but also utilize pad work,

fitness drills and cross training from other disciplines.

You do not have to be fit or flexible to start as responsible karate should be for everyone. Once you have been training a while your fitness and

conditioning will improve, along with coordination and confidence.

We practice our karate for self-defense and for competition for those who desire. We do not practice ‘Non-Contact’ karate as we believe that pressure testing is essential to gauge one’s ability appropriately. Sparring and pair work is always responsibly managed and Ego has no place in our karate family.

Our instructors Love karate and are keen to help others develop and gain similar benefit from the art through the contribution of their time,

knowledge and energy.

           SENSEI MATT POWELL (5th Dan)

Matt began karate in 1987 at the Portsmouth karate club and then grew up at the Portchester Karate club with Sensei O’Donnell. Matt passed 5th Dan in May 2022.

Matt believes that Karate should be Energised, Alive and have personality.

He is passionate about training, studying and delivering classes that challenge all present both physically and mentally. Equally he insists that karate should be FUN!


"Karate should encourage self-expression and diversity. Each generation should build on the lessons of the past but seek to refine, improve and develop. Karate needs to be relevant in the modern world, as a means of effective self-defense and a vehicle for self improvement and health".


Mike began training in 2002 with Sensei Richard Jones. After a lengthy break from Karate Mike then joined the Petersfield dojo where he has trained with Sensei Powell ever since. 


"Karate for me is a tool to self discovery. 

It offers an opportunity for us all to look a little deeper within, exposing qualities we never knew we had and instilling us with new ones along the way. 

The Karate journey is one that pushes us towards the best possible version of ourselves."

           SENSEI JON  WATSON (2ND Dan)

Jon's karate career began at the origiinal SEKU Petersfield karate club in the 1990's headed by Sensei Paul Reseigh. After a break of a number of years Jon returned to training with Sensei Matt in 2010 and has become a key member of the team.

"Jon has a commanding presence in the dojo and is technically skilled and passionate in his approach. Jon is also a great communicator and is extremely patient, especially with the younger students. Jon is now the chief instructor for our East Meon dojo and with  the help of Sensei Wayne the club is flourishing'"

Matt Powell (May 2020)

           SENSEI WAYNE LEE (2ND Dan)

Wayne Lee began training with SEKU as a child in the 1980's reaching green belt (6th kyu) before moving away from the area then re-joined during his teens and again reached green belt before teenage-ness and music took over. Fast forward to 2011 Wayne joined again with Sensei Matt Powell at Petersfield Karate Club which is where he still trains obtaining Nidan (2nd dan) in 2018. Wayne began teaching in 2015 under the guidance of Sensei Keith Williams and Sensei Matt Powell. Wayne joined Sensei Jon Watson in 2017 to teach at East Meon Karate Club.


"Karate needs to be effective and training should be fun. It’s no good just following and accepting anything and/or everything, ask questions and test, test, test and test it some more".


Amber started training in 1994, obtaining black belt (sho-dan) in 1999.

Sensei has achieved various competition awards for both kata and kumite. Recently competing at The legends (2017) Coming 2nd in ladies black and brown belt kumite and being part of the woman's kumite team securing 1st place.


"Sensei Amber is dedicated and patient in her approach to teaching. Her resolve and concentration is often the perfect counter for my own approach affording our students balance and added consistency. Amber is essential to our team at Knowle Village."

Matt Powell (May 2020)


Robin began training in 1995  with Sensei o’Donnell at Portchester Karate Club where he achieved his green belt in 2000 before taking a break to focus on education and follow a love for football. Robin rejoined SEKU at Portchester in 2013 as a New Years resolution to himself to add something beneficial back into his life. He trained at Portchester up until 2015 obtaining his 1st kyu. Later that year Robin Joined the AKA and now trains under Sensei Powell at Petersfield Dojo.

Robin obtained his Shodan in March 2017. Robin is now an assistant instructor at both Petersfield and East Meon

"Karate helps with all aspects of life, Respect, confidence, fitness, friendship, honour, trust, and safety …. all the ingredients for a great life. Oss."

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