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Since establishing the club in 2009 Petersfield Karate is proud to have made a positive impact on a number of people.

Here are some comments from students, parents and respected peers from the karate community.


“Starting Karate with my daughter Nyah was one of the best decisions I’ve made! We joined 5 years ago when she was only just 5 and have not looked back since. Matt manages to always make his lessons fun and engaging whilst still teaching the core values of respect and discipline.


There is a perfect mix of challenge and support taking us just enough out of our comfort zone to push us to achieve but not too far as to be intimidating or scary. Nyah’s confidence in life has grown as a direct result of Matt’s Karate teachings and the support of the whole club and this has helped us through some tough times. Karate has also strengthened the father daughter bond and has become a really fun and healthy way for us to engage and grow together.


I can’t wait until my little boy is old enough to join in too! It’s not too early and it’s not late, give it a go and you will never look back.”​
Steve Philbrick, Parent & Student (Brown Belt)



If you are looking for a natural teacher who can both instil discipline and have fun, create challenge and make that enjoyable then I cannot recommend Matt highly enough.  He has a rare combination of humility and authority and is able to connect and inspire people through his passion and dedication to something that he believes in deeply and embodies.

The Petersfield Karate club upholds traditional standards in a modern way and has formed a community where I have seen my son grow and develop, and where his particular character and needs are recognised and where he is stretched and challenged supportively

Jeremy Sweeney, Parent & Executive Team Coach


“Matt Sensei’s Karate is dynamic, technically excellent and highly effective. He excels across the full spectrum of the art of Shotokan Karate and this depth of knowledge is shown in his teaching. Matt is an inspirational and enthusiastic instructor, who genuinely cares about his students, their progress and their lives.


Therefore, if you are a parent looking for somewhere for your kids to teach fitness, discipline and self-confidence or if you’re inspired by Karate being in the Olympics looking to develop as a competitor in either kata (forms) or sparring (kumite), or an adult who is looking for training in self-protection, or absolutely anyone in between, Matt Powell and Petersfield Karate Club is the place for you. Take the first step, you won’t be disappointed"

Adam Cockfield 5th Dan (Total Shotokan Karate London)


"Petersfield Karate is a fantastic club for families to join. I have been going with husband & my 2 boys for 5 years and enjoy it as much now as when I first started.


It’s a very welcoming club; people are very friendly and it has a great atmosphere. Sessions are lots of fun & build up fitness and confidence through the learning of defence and martial arts. Highly recommended to everyone."

Katherine Clay, Parent and Student (Brown & White Belt)


"Matt sensei is a forward thinking and innovative person with a wealth of knowledge and passion for Karate.


Petersfield Karate Club is lucky to have an instructor like Matt whose positivity is captivating. I have known Matt for over 20 years and have been lucky enough to compete and train alongside him many times. He's a natural motivator and understands the importance of supporting anyone around him in their karate journey. I thoroughly recommend Petersfield Karate Club as an environment for learning and gaining the most from all aspects of our martial art."


Paul Uren, 6th Dan, Plymouth Karate-Do (HDKI)


"Having done some Karate when I was young, I was keen for my kids to train - I firmly believe the mix of physical and mental training promotes confidence, discipline and important self- defence skills. Both boys have both enjoyed their time with the club.


What I didn’t expect was Matt to persuade me to get into a gi again. Definitely one of the older members of the dojo, I recognise that I will never win any tournaments, but the combination of enjoyable physical exercise, continually learning new things and the camaraderie of a really great group of friends keeps me coming back for more .


 The club has an unusually large number of extremely qualified instructors, each bringing their unique capabilities, experiences to classes. The AKA is an exceptional organisation."

Mark Stevens, Parent and Student (Brown & White Belt)


A warm welcome awaits anyone who enters the Dojo! Matt is supportive to all ages and abilities; My Son has been lucky to experience his teaching for 5 years, encouraged and supported to be the best he can. 


The fun, energy and professionalism shown to all those who want to try, learn and improve their karate is exemplary and he has a gift for imparting knowledge, often with daft stories or songs to illustrate. Matt has an innate ability to make everyone part of the family (even spectators!). Thank you Matt.

Paula Brisley, Parent 

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