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Karate for Adults

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There are a lot of reasons why people don’t think they can’t start karate as adults.

These include limited fitness, flexibility, time or concern over feeling embarrassed of being new, unskilled or lacking coordination.

At our clubs we are really proud that we have a strong mix of all ages and abilities. We have Adults who have started after watching their children train, those who have returned after a lengthy break who previously trained themselves when they were children and some who have simply wanted a new challenge.

You can start karate at any age or ability. We have a supportive team of instructors and adults within the group who will emphaphise with everyone’s personal karate challenges. Please do not overly worry about your perceived current limitations as working with our own bodies and developing at our own time is one of the principle factors that has ensured the success of our Adult classes.

Each class you will work on breathing, stretching, coordination and confidence. Inevitably all these aspects will develop while you learn to optimise your physical expression of Shotokan karate. You will also hopefully have fun.

We are passionate that Karate is a Martial Art and thus the members of our club will develop an improved physicality, appreciation of distance, measured timing and the experience necessary to deal with adrenaline and best arm them for the challenges of confrontation.

Karate is not only about being able to fight, studied well it considers conflict desesculation and awareness. To work on these skills we do spar, practice scenario drills and work on pads and bags. We feel that false confidence in an art is as dangerous as no training at all. So if you join one of our clubs you will be pushed outside of your comfort zones, but this is always managed with care and consideration with the absence of Ego.

Good karate is lke a light switch and can be turned on and off as appropriate and when needed. This can be achieved as a result of consistent, diligent effort and training. Our dojo’s are proud to offer that opportunity week in, week out to our members.

"Excellent karate people are kind, friendly, genuine people who conceal their physical capability on the inside".

            NEW TO KARATE
  • We have a good number of Adult members, both Male and Female who have started karate with us as Adults.

  • We work in groups dependant on experience and ability so everyone has the opportunity to learn.

  • We study the art and train hard.

  • At our dojo's you will learn a new skill and when appropriate we will help you step outside you comfort zones.



Our membership is made up of people from all walks of life. Some trained at University, some when they were children and have had a break. Others have moved from other parts of the country and different styles or association. If you have a good temperament and are willing to learn we would be pleased to welcome you at the dojo.

  • Adults training from beginner to 30 years + experience.

  • Beginner to 4th Dan members training



At Our dojo's we have whole families who train together. Parents have bought their children along and quickly decided to join in also.

  • It is fantastic to train and learn alongside your kids.

  • This opens up the possibility of practising together at home.


"Petersfield Karate is a fantastic club for families to join. I have been going with husband & my 2 boys for 5 years and enjoy it as much now as when I first started.


It’s a very welcoming club; people are very friendly and it has a great atmosphere. Sessions are lots of fun & build up fitness and confidence through the learning of defence and martial arts. Highly recommended to everyone."

Katherine Clay, Parent and Student (Brown & White Belt)

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