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We teach Karate to inspire confidence and Unlock Potential!

At Petersfield karate we are proud to focus on developing each of our students. From the young and inexperienced to those knowledgeable individuals with decades of training. Our classes offer something for everyone.

We aim to develop confidence in the shy and retiring and help develop self-esteem as well as physical confidence and capability in all.

Our instructors have a fine pedigree and are passionate for effective karate that is applicable to the modern world whilst respectful of our traditional lineage.

Our Chief Instructor (Sensei) Matt Powell started teaching a small group of students in Froxfield in 2009 and the club has grown now boasting a broad a membership with beginners up to 4th degree (dan) black belts regularly training together.

We have several Adult students who started after bringing their children to train. We aim to inspire, challenge and improve everyone at our clubs.

if you are looking for a Karate or Martial Art class to improve fitness, develop technique, life skills and character, then please enquire or simply come along to one of our classes.

           CORE FITNESS

You don't have to be fit to start karate, but a direct result of effective training is increased fitness and cardiovascular capacity. Fitness is a core ingredient of effective self protection and therefore we are always focused on effort and helping our students improve their personal fitness.

           TIMING & DISTANCE


Effective training drills are used at our clubs to help our students appreciate safe, effective and appropriate distance for technique use, avoidance or conflict de-esculation. Whether our students seek to train for self defence or competition purposes we work on skill aquisition and habbit forming, reflex reaction training.



Most people will struggle with karate movement and patterns early in their learning. However through diligent training, hand-eye coordination as well as physical movement and expression improve and develop in sophistication. We stretch each class to improve flexibility which brings many benefits to overall health and well-being.



We teach in a discliplined yet fun manner, reinforcing hierachy and respect for age and authority. Karate training rewards constant effort and we are proud of our communities supportive approach to each other.


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